Fit for the StVo: The Moovi old for new campaign

For more than 2 years, we have already been on the road with our Moovi e-scooter with road approval on the German and international market. Above all, this has helped us to continuously develop and improve Moovi. Without the constant and constructive feedback from our customers, we would not be where we are today with Moovi.

The Moovi was put through its paces, driven, loved, worn out, taken to its limits and beyond. The result: a model that, according to our ideas and those of our customers, could hardly be better in the compact class.

StVO and the road permit in Germany

Unfortunately, things have not developed 100% as we had imagined when it comes to riding e-scooters in Germany. Nevertheless, we are pleased that after years it is finally certain: From 15 June, e-scooters with electric motors will be allowed to ride legally on cycle paths or roads. However, only with a general operating permit and insurance!

The ABE (General Operating Permit) requires some technical details that our previous Moovi unfortunately does not fulfil, including the following:

  • Two independent brakes with specific technical deceleration values
  • A device for an insurance number plate
  • Strong front and rear lights
  • Reflectors
  • Bell

Therefore, it is unfortunately not possible for us to equip old Moovis with an ABE and thus make them suitable for German road traffic.

Our Moovi with road approval

Moovi Mini old for new promotion

But we wouldn't be Moovi if we didn't reward our loyal customers for their trust. Therefore, as promised, we are launching an old-for-new promotion for all Moovis purchased directly from us up to and including September. All customers who qualify will be offered a discount of up to 343€ on our new Moovi Mini, which will thus only cost up to 295€ instead of 579€. The following conditions apply:

  • The Moovi was bought directly from us
  • The Moovi is not older than 2 years
  • A valid invoice is available
  • The Moovi is fully functional
  • The discount is determined on a case-by-case basis

Registration for Moovi StVo old against new action

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