Moovi as safety and transport test winner in GRIP-Das Motormagazin

A short time ago, our Moovi Mini was extensively tested and compared with two competitors in GRIP-Das Motormagazin. The four categories in which the e-scooters were put through their paces were: Acceleration, braking, range and transport.

Our lightweight

Due to its low weight of only of only 10 kg, the Moovi is much lighter and easier to e-scooters, the Moovi is much lighter and easier to transport than other e-scooters.. We achieve this weight through our powerful 150 W electric motor. Although the Moovi is such a lightweight, a maximum load of 120 kg is possible.

The one-hand folding mechanism of the Moovis is characterised by easy handling. If you then folds the handlebars, the freedom of movementthe freedom of movement on buses and trains is of course even greater.

The Moovi Mini tested by GRIP- Das Motormagazin.
Our Moovi Mini in the GRIP test

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How did our Moovi perform in the GRIP e-scooter test?


In the overall result, the Moovi scored particularly well in braking behaviour and transport by public transport, making it the test winner in the respective categories. So the advantages speak for an e-scooter that is ideal for commuters. This is exactly our claim, as "people's scooters" we want to offer a safe, reliable product for all those who want/need to cover the last mile (several times) a day. The Moovi is therefore

"ideal for people who do not need a high range,

but just go to the underground."


As the Moovi should also be fully usable in the dark, we have a powerful front LED headlight and a rear reflector on our e-scooters.

The permanently installed 36 V lithium-ion battery is fully charged in 2.5 hours. hours, so the Moovi is quickly and easily fully recharged at work or at home. fully charged again quickly and easily.


Would you like a little more?

Particularly in terms of range, battery performance and driving comfort, we have made great strides with our Moovi StVO Pro we now have a new horse in the stable.

We have also come up with something new for you in the area of security:

the Moovi x Closca Loop foldable helmet. 

Moovi and Closca with the exclusive foldable helmet
Moovi x Closca with the foldable helmet

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