Individual transport in times of the Corona crisis

The Corona virus is not only testing our health system and our social life. Individual transport is also facing new challenges. The topic of a mobility turnaround is now more important than ever.

Deutsche Bahn is massively reducing regional transport and Lufthansa is concentrating on repatriating German holidaymakers. The danger that public transport will be discontinued is omnipresent, especially in large cities.

Not to mention the problems of retail, cultural life and many small and medium-sized businesses. But besides all the negative news, today we want to show you the advantages of your Moovi over rental scooters in the time of Corona viruses.

Where do we go from here?

Many sharing providers have not yet made any concrete statements about measures. The obligatory "we are now disinfecting more" is not included. Viruses can survive on different surfaces for different lengths of time, but where different people touch the same surface again and again throughout the day, viruses naturally collect. This is also the case with sharing scooters from different providers. We are convinced that the providers are logistically unable to disinfect and remove viruses from every scooter after every ride. It has also become apparent that some have now ceased operations completely.

If public transport, as is already being done in some cities, is further downgraded and eventually comes to a standstill, the only option left will probably be private transport. And let's be honest, who likes to drive a vehicle where you don't know who drove it before. And you don't necessarily want to use your car for every little errand, especially if the parking situation is rather poor.

And what if I do have to go shopping now?

We recommend using your own e-scooter and cleaning it regularly. Not only clean it from dirt, but also from viruses, because better safe than sorry. So there are not only problems, but also solutions!

We don't need to explain the advantages of having your own e-scooter (no searching for a scooter, you always know who is driving, there are no prescribed usage times, you stand out from the crowd, no app necessary......). And having your own Moovi is much too nice to share!

With this in mind, stay healthy, wash your hands regularly and, unless urgently necessary, stay at home!

You can obtain up-to-date information and tips from the Robert Koch Institute.

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