How to turn your Moovi into a load Moovi

Our new modular load kit

We have talked a lot with you about how e-scooters can be better integrated into everyday life. Many of you mentioned the possibility of a payload so that you can also transport your shopping or heavier things.

So we put our heads together and are happy to present our new luggage kits to all Moovis (and those who will be)! Our luggage system consists of the universal holder and the luggage carrier. The latter is available in two different versions: aluminium or stainless steel.

The MoovIT load system turns your e-scooter into a load scooter
The patented MoovIt load system

What additional weight can I now transport?

We have two variants for the transport of load systems:

With the "simple" extension, it is possible to transport an additional weight of up to 40 kilograms. This corresponds to a weight of approx. 40 milk cartons or 2 crates of beer (Below you will find a list of 99 things that you can now transport. Let us know your TOP 5). With this kit, the driving behaviour of your Moovi changes only minimally.

The MoovIt system holder makes it super easy to create your own transport option
With the MoovIt system holder, every Moovi becomes a cargo scooter

The other extension is characterised by another extra wheel. This extra wheel makes it possible to transport an additional weight of up to 120 kilograms. That's roughly equivalent to 4 full-grown golden retrievers, 6 crates of glass water bottles or about 618 iPhone 11s. So whether you're very thirsty or have too many smartphones, your Moovi will help you carry them.

How can I make my Moovi a load Moovi?

The "conversion" of a normal Moovi into a load professional is child's play and can be done in just a few steps. Simply attach the universal holder to the red hook of your Moovi and tighten it. Then just attach the 2-part luggage carrier and your cargo Moovi is ready!

Our new accessories for load transport

We will soon offer a DIY kit that allows you to transport various toolboxes, cases and other boxes. Also transport bags, a basket and a foldable support surface with tension straps will be available from us.

moovi escooter support system waterproof bag

99 things your Moovi can now transport

The things listed here can be transported with the transport kit without an additional wheel and with it. We have selected things with a maximum weight of 40 kilograms. In our Moovi Community, you are welcome to exchange information about what and how heavy you have transported with your Moovi.

Even beverage crates are child's play to transport with MoovIt

Here are our top ten:

  1. 16 packages with 500 sheets of copy paper each
  2. 6 Pikachus
  3. approx. 80,000 Tic Tacs
  4. 87 electric toothbrushes
  5. 142 0.4l drinking glasses (but could be quite a clinking affair)
  6. 266 apples
  7. 172 VHS video cassettes (if anyone still has a video recorder)
  8. 40 Moovi Mini's
  9. 4 15 inch car tyres
  10.  615 Chicken eggs

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