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Moovi Pro Comfort folded solo without course small

One-hand folding mechanism

The foldable handlebar saves a lot of space

The new turn signals on the Pro S Comfort provide more safety.

The new brake light also makes the Moovi even safer - even during the day!

Quick-release fastener for adjusting the handlebar height

Improved light with greater range.

Anti-vibration mat against micro-vibrations

New batteries from LG. More power, better suitability and longer range.

The patented Moovi eyelet for connecting or for the load system

Folded e-scooter, small, light, compactly mobile

mega compact

With the Moovi, not only the handlebar is foldable, but also the handlebar itself. At 111cm * 16cm * 36cm, this makes it one of the most compact e-scooters in its class. 

The Moovi is so compact - here in the trunk of a Smart car!
So compact: even fits in the Smart boot
Moovi Tasche für E-scooter

always with you

With the Moovi bag, you can pack your e-scooter in no time at all and use it like a rucksack. And as far as taking it on public transport is concerned: Hey, that's a mandolin, your golf clubs, your camera set... but nobody is allowed to look in there so quickly!

In our commuter set, the bag is available in an affordable bundle with an e-scooter. Of course, the Moovi Pro bag can also be ordered as an accessory at a later date.

super light

only 13.5 kg

Small, compact and lightweight. These were our goals for the Moovi concept. 

An e-scooter that you can carry on your back or up to the third floor and still handle a maximum load of 130 kg.  


E-scooters are designed for micromovement. These are short distances between 2 and 5 km. Thanks to its compactness, a Moovi can be perfectly combined with bus and train. For this, the power is optimally adapted. More power would mean: You're just driving an expensive, heavy battery around.

The load system

How does the dog get into the crate?

With the Moovit load system, many different transport options can be created. Whether large shopping box or dog basket. 

All this...and much more:

That's how diverse the possible uses of a Moovi e-scooter with the load system are!

Moovi motor exploded view

extremely efficient

The overall efficiency of the engine we developed is at a record level.

It is the most important value for an electric drive because it determines the possible power and range with a limited battery supply.

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absolutely SAFE!

Since the load system is fixed to the scooter and does not steer, it is free of negative G-forces. The low center of gravity makes it extremely stable.

Short Thumb Skatepark
In the skate park with a box of coke
Short Thumb Breaker
Brake test with load convinces


Answers to the most frequently asked questions:

No! You do not have to worry about the load system tipping forward while driving. The attachment takes the weight at the front 5 cm in front of the axle. At the rear, the footboard acts as a counterweight at a distance of 50 cm - that is, with ten times the lever! Please note: If no:e rider:in stands on the footboard as a counterweight, only about 15 kilos can be stable in front on the mount with the stand.

The fact that the Moovi is a bit more expensive than some other models is due to our high-quality development and production. The Moovi is an in-house production and is completely manufactured in our ISO 9001 certified factory and under compliance. Only some bulk electronics items are bought in. The compact high-efficiency motors are wound in our factory itself and frame parts are stably manufactured with the latest CNC technology.

Why is the motor power lower than that of other e-scooters? Is that enough?

In terms of efficiency, optimal coordination of the motor, battery and energy management is very important. During the development of the Moovis and its motor, we asked ourselves the question of the main objectives under the given legal and usage-related specifications.

95% of all scooter users have never driven more than 10 km in one go. So why install a battery that is far too heavy for a range of 60 km? This makes no sense for reasons of weight, cost and far too high resource consumption. The Moovi is designed for a Mirco Movement, the so-called "last mile". It is small and light and can therefore be taken on buses and trains. This is especially important for commuters who have to cover a few kilometers to the train and then to the workplace. Anyone traveling more than 10 kilometers to the workplace should use another means of transportation, such as an e-bike.

The battery in your Moovi is permanently installed and waterproof. If the battery needs to be replaced, you can send your Moovi to our technical support. Out of warranty, a battery replacement costs about 160€. In both cases, please contact our support at

A battery lasts for about 500 - 700 charging cycles. Then it should be renewed. The Moovi replacement batteries are particularly inexpensive compared to competitors, where you have to pay 600-800€ for a replacement battery!

Technically skilled people change a battery in about 15 minutes.

Basically, the climbing ability depends on the weight of the rider, the charge status of the battery, the outside temperature and road conditions. As a rule of thumb, we can say that an e-scooter can easily manage the incline of a parking garage. Our Moovi performed very well in the following test in comparison with much larger and more powerful e-scooters and proved its climbing ability:

Of course, your Moovi can be transported on public transport! As the Moovi e-scooter is super easy, quick and, above all, compact to fold, it can be taken along without any problems and without having to buy an additional ticket.

Lots of them, look here below for the info on spare parts
Speed: Max. 22 km/h (StVO compliant, road legal).
Range: Up to 30 km
Weight: 12.8 kg
Dimensions (open): 108cm * 54cm * 116cm
Dimensions (closed): 111cm * 16cm * 36cm
Maximum load capacity: 130 kg
Battery: Li-Ion - 36V - 7.8 Ah
Power: 300W electric motor
Tires: Front: Pneumatic tires 7.9 inch Rear: Honeycomb tires 7.9 inch
On-board computer Speed indicator Battery indicator Odometer display 3-stage cruise control
Brakes: Drum brake (front wheel, left handle - StVO compliant, road legal). Electronic (front wheel, left handle) Mechanical (rear wheel) KERS (Kinetic Energy Recovery System) - brake energy recovery system
Bell: Light-hearing bell (left handle)
Suspension: Front suspension strut Rear rubber suspension
Charging time: approx. 3.5 hours
Power supply unit: 230V

A replacement is provided!

We offer a wide range of the most important spare parts for the Moovi e-scooter. Just in case, you can get a replacement from us quickly and easily. 

If you don't trust yourself to replace it, just send us the e-scooter. It's quick and doesn't cost the earth.

The replacement battery for a Moovi Pro Comfort costs only 160€ . Compare that with other manufacturers!

spare parts for moovi

The Moovi economy sets:

You have the choice: the cargo set with luggage rack or the shopping set with shopping basket at a bundle price.

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