Moovi - your e-scooter with the red ring.

Moovi Mini, Moovi Pro and brand new Moovi Pro Comfort - the world's only e-scooters with patented load system, for heavy loads up to 40 kg! Easy to carry, compact, comfortable to ride, powerful performance and safely designed. The absolute top scooters in their classes.

Moovi Mini

The most compact e-scooter, with very light weight and handling. Probably the only e-scooter that fits in a Smart, back box or caravan.

Moovi Pro Comfort

It has twice the motor power of its smaller brother and thus has a longer range. The Pro Comfort is the consistent further development of the Moovi Pro in the area of driving comfort.  

Moovi sets for shopping, cargo and commuting

With the Moovi, we have put together special sets:
for shopping, for transport and for everyone who wants to be on the move quickly, easily, flexibly and in an environmentally friendly way.

Moovi Shopping Set

from 699,- €

Moovi Cargo Set

from 699,- €

Moovi Commuter Set

from 699,- €

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Moovi is full of ideas and innovations. We will be happy to answer your questions.

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