Is the engine power sufficient?

Why is the motor power lower than that of other e-scooters? Is that enough?

In terms of efficiency, optimal coordination of the motor, battery and energy management is very important. During the development of the Moovis and its motor, we asked ourselves the question of the main objectives under the given legal and usage-related specifications.

95% of all scooter users have never driven more than 10 km in one go. So why install a battery that is far too heavy for a range of 60 km? This makes no sense for reasons of weight, cost and far too high resource consumption. The Moovi is designed for a Mirco Movement, the so-called "last mile". It is small and light and can therefore be taken on buses and trains. This is especially important for commuters who have to cover a few kilometers to the train and then to the workplace. Anyone traveling more than 10 kilometers to the workplace should use another means of transportation, such as an e-bike.

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