Moovi doesn't go 20 km/h?

Factors such as anticipatory riding style, good terrain conditions such as low gradients and flat, asphalt surfaces, body weight and outside temperature can all have a varying effect on the performance of your Moovi.

Although your Moovi is not currently producing the desired maximum performance, it will most likely be OK. It is possible that your Moovi is configured incorrectly, which can be remedied with the parameter setting of "P8":

To enter the menu, press and hold both buttons on the display for approx. 3 seconds.

Once in the menu, briefly press and hold the upper button until P8 appears. A number now appears that should be set to 100.

To exit the menu at the end, press and hold both buttons together again for 3 seconds.

Here you can test drive a Moovi:
Here you can test drive a Moovi:

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