How do I insure my Moovi?

When you buy a Moovi in our online store, you have the possibility to take out an insurance policy directly with our insurance partner for 29 Euros - so you don't have to worry about anything anymore!

If you decide to insure the scooter yourself or if you buy a refurbished Moovi, almost all major insurance companies now offer suitable insurance for e-scooters.
To insure the Moovi, you need our ABE P005 (Moovi Mini) or ABE P036 (Moovi Pro), as well as the serial number of the Moovi (ES145... / ES200...). Both are engraved on the side, front left in the running board. You can also find them in the papers that come with the purchase of each Moovi. Furthermore you have to indicate the manufacturer, in our case it is the company Kaufmann Sortimentsgroßhandel GmbH (short name: Kaufmann).

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