Moovi e-scooters put to the test in real life by Fabian, Isabela, Matheo, Basco and Uni at "Live and Give 4x4".

Things can get rough in the day-to-day life of the "liveandgive4x4" project. Fabian and Isabela travel around the world in their Mercedes Benz Arcos 4×4 truck. Exactly the right environment toput the Moovi Pro through itspaces, we thought, and provided the two with two Moovi Pros. Fabian found the e-scooter with our load system "simply ingenious" right from the start, but Isabela also likes to use the scooters to run small errands when the truck is allowed to take a break. Although the truck of the JUG EXPEDITION series seems huge, you have to stow everything in a space-saving way with two adults, a child and two not exactly small dogs. Here, too, the Moovi Pro scored immediately, because Fabian was able to stow the scooters in no time at all without wasting valuable storage space.

We are glad to have (or five!) in the Moovi family. Moovi-Family family and are looking forward are looking forward to seeing photos and videos of their everyday life with the Moovis. To support them a little bit we have the voucher code "liveandgive4x4″ with which every buyer can get 5% discount on the entire shopping cart receives. Part of the money will then also go to the project as a reward.

Here you can follow the project "liveandgive4x4" on the net:

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