Moovi E-Scooter Tests

Moovi test in the factory

The Moovi e-scooters are of course already tested in the factory for their resilience and continuous loads. Here we show you a few internal videos from the test series. Among other things, a weight of 100 kg is dropped from a height of 30 cm onto the footboard of the scooter. This corresponds to a load of 345 kg.

Deskmodder unpacking and test

On the website of you can find a quite detailed test report and "unpacking video", a so-called unboxing. This shows you quite well how the Moovi is delivered and what is included. In the test, the author Timbo Tillo goes into all aspects of the scooter and, of course, takes it for a test drive.

The Moovi explained in detail

LivingToGo visited us at one of the numerous trade fairs and recorded a video with the managing director Michael Käse. This is not a test, but it illustrates very well what the Moovi with its load system was conceived and built for.

Living To Go tests the Moovi

So the guys from LivingToGo did a real test right away. 

GRIP also did a "Big" test

GRIP has also tested e-scooters. Again, three different "classes" are compared with each other. But our small Moovi Mini, as a representative of the entry-level class, can still hold its own well against the much more expensive middle class and luxury class. Especially in the area of compactness and lightness.

Heart Blood Camper Test of 2018

Campers love the Moovi Mini and Herzblut campers are already getting to the point in 2018. Practical, because instead of removing wheels from the rear, he prefers to grab the Moovi when he has to go "just anywhere". His 15-minute report is quite detailed, although the picture and sound quality could be improved.

E-scooters in comparison test

In mid-2019, Sputnik099 also published a video comparing a Moovi Mini with a Wizzard 2.5S. Actually, it's another apples-to-oranges comparison, but maybe that's because there is no other scooter as small, light and unique as the Moovi Mini.

Rock-e-Roller tests

The E-Scooter Store from Leipzig also presented a short portrait of the Moovi Mini. 

Oliver's travels on Youtube test the load system

A very nice test about the Moovi and the load system has been posted by Oliver's Travels on his channel.

It shows the many advantages that an e-scooter has with a cargo pole when camping.

Link to the channel: Oliver's Travels

Various Moovi tests in magazines

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