Moovi Mini E-Scooter with road approval

Moovi Mini

Audited overall ratings (14 customer reviews)

The Moovi Mini is one of the lightest, smallest and most compact road-legal e-scooters on the market.

Like all Moovi e-scooters, it can be equipped with a luggage rack through the Moovit load system.

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Probably the lightest, smallest and most compact e-scooter in Germany

Order the Moovi Mini now and get around town quickly and flexibly - even with heavy loads. All your advantages with our foldable electric scooter from Moovi at a glance:

Table of contents
The E-scooter Mini folded: An extremely small E-scooter

Small - Light - Compact

The Moovi Mini lives up to its name. With a weight of less than 11 kg and slim dimensions of 96*55*110 cm, which even shrink to 96*35*19 when folded, it is one of the lightest and most compact e-scooters on the German market.
The best for all those who are often and gladly on the move: With its patented one-hand mechanism as well as the low folding and retractable handlebars, the e-scooter can be folded up particularly easily and small. This makes it easy to transport the electric scooter.

Safe with road approval

Thanks to its range of around 20 km and a maximum speed of 20 km/h, the Moovi Mini gets you to your destination quickly - and it is approved for both cycle paths and roads. Unlike many other e-scooters, our Moovi has a rear-wheel drive, which makes it extremely track stable even with heavy loads. 

Three brakes provide additional safety: the recuperation brake, which is very soft and pleasant to use and feeds energy back into the battery, the fast-acting coaster brake and the handy front brake.

Loadable up to 120 kg

With the small 5.7 inch solid tyres, you are perfectly equipped for cycle paths and city streets. From the station to the office, from the flat to the shops, on the jetty to the boat.

E-Scooter Moovi Mini from behind

Problem-free maintenance

More flexibility through modular standard components

Designed in Germany, form follows function here: efficient motors, modular standard components and high-quality aluminium materials make maintenance of your foldable e-scooter child's play.
Without having to send in your scooter or take it to a specialist dealer, individual components can be checked and replaced if necessary.

Transporting loads stably

Every Moovi can be optionally extended with the load system

The worldwide patented load system Moovit adds a luggage carrier to the e-scooter, which can be easily attached to the red eyelet. Many different transport options can be attached to the universal holder.

Moovi sets with savings

Are you enthusiastic about the MoovIT load system and want to get started right away? Then you can even save a lot of money with our sets. We have put together various sets that are ideally suited to your needs.

Moovi tests in popular media

The Moovie scooters have already been tested in many well-known magazines and video channels in recent years. 

Video reports:

PDF reports for download:

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Commissioning your Moovi

This is how you unpack your new Moovi e-scooter and put it into operation. With a few simple steps, the e-scooter is ready to go.


Speed:Max. 20 km/h (StVO compliant, road approval)
Reach:20 km
Weight:10.8 kg
Dimensions (open):96cm * 54cm * 110cm
Dimensions (closed):96cm * 16cm * 30cm
Maximum load:120 kg
Battery:Li-Ion - 36V - 5,2 Ah
Performance:150W electric motor
Tyres:Solid rubber tyres 5.7 inch
On-board computerSpeed indicator Battery indicator
Kilometre indicator
3-stage cruise control
Lighting:Strong LED front reflector - white (compliant with StVO, road approval)
Strong LED rear reflector - red (compliant with StVO, road approval)
Acceleration:Electronic (right thumb)
Brakes:Drum brake (front wheel, left handle - StVO compliant, road legal)
Electronic (front wheel, left handle)
Mechanical (rear wheel)
KERS (Kinetic Energy Recovery System) - brake energy recovery system
Insurance badge:Bracket for insurance badge on rear axle
Bell:Light-hearing bell (left handle)
Suspension:Front suspension strut
Rear rubber suspension
Loading time:approx. 2.5 hours
Power supply unit:230V
Scope of delivery:Moovi E-Scooter
230V power supply
Practical tool kit
Operating instructions
Data confirmation
Max. 20 km/h (StVO compliant, street legal)
approx. 20 km
10.8 kg
Dimensions (open):
96cm * 54cm * 110cm
Dimensions (closed):
96cm * 16cm * 30cm
Maximum load:
120 kg
Li-Ion - 36V - 5.2 Ah
150W electric motor
Solid rubber tyres 5.7 inch
On-board computer
Speed indicator Battery indicator
3-stage cruise control
Strong LED front reflector - white (StVO compliant, road legal)
Strong LED rear reflector- red (StVO compliant, road legal)
Electronic (right thumb)
Drum brake (front wheel, left handle - StVO compliant, road legal)
Electronic (front wheel, left handle)
Mechanical (rear wheel)
KERS (Kinetic Energy Recovery System) - Brake Energy Regeneration System
Insurance badge:
Holder for insurance badge on rear axle
Loud bell (left handle)
Front suspension strut
Rear rubber suspension
Charging time:
approx. 2.5 hours
Power supply:
Scope of delivery:
Moovi E-Scooter
230V power supply
Practical multitool
Operating instructions
Data confirmation

What our Moovi customers say

Pauline Heimberg

"Since we got the Moovi Mini, I even volunteer to drive to the supermarket, do little shopping for my mother."

Maximillian Menz

I have been looking for a lightweight scooter for a long time. I found it with the Moovi Mini. The scooter fits perfectly into my electric Smart.

Franz Malert

Franz Markert

"The Moovi with the luggage rack is ideal for the small craft services in the district. It's hard to transport the toolbox on a bike and I spend ages looking for a parking space by car."

Customer reviews

14 reviews for Moovi Mini

  1. Arnold Cosyns -

    But hello,
    I was allowed to try out the new Moovi STVO as a "test driver".
    A super wide handlebar, decent acceleration, excellent bright light, folded up or down in only 3 seconds, three very powerful braking systems with energy recovery, chic design and..... with only 10Kg an absolute lightweight in relation to other models.
    Fair price at €799, therefore>>>> my absolute recommendation to buy with 7 stars.

  2. Michael Bersch -

    Great workmanship and super compact! It fits comfortably in the boot of the VW Polo 2018. I weigh 84 KG and it drives 18.5 Km/h on the straight according to the speedometer. If it goes uphill minimally, the speed drops to 13-14 Km/h. If it gets a bit steeper, you mumble your way up at 10 Km/h. And when you say it's going uphill, you have to pedal along. I think the 150 watt motor is a bit too small. It would be desirable to have more power. I also like the fact that you can ride it in the wet, but you should make sure that the charging port is closed with a rubber cap to prevent moisture damage. It's not particularly fast and the Moovi lacks a bit of power now and then, but it's still a compact scooter for the last mile! 👍

  3. Klaus Auli -

    I can only agree with this, I find the performance of the scooter fully ok for its folding size and weight. The quality is really very high. I haven't found a scooter yet that can beat the Moovi in terms of pack size and weight performance. In addition, there is a super nice support team if any problems arise. I've driven 35 km and can't find anything negative 💪👍. Therefore Full Points

  4. Lucas Brosig -

    I am one of the first-time buyers and must say that the moovi stvo has a lot of advantages at first glance.

    ALL THINGS! Shipping via Hermes is an absolute no-go!
    The scooter arrived on time with transport damage (standard Hermes delivery) [the sheet metal under the rear light was badly bent and the paint damaged]. Since it was not in the way of the function, I still used the scooter, until after 120km the entire rear light bracket broke off while I was riding (on the road) near the screw connection. (-2 stars in the rating)

    On top of that, I really hurt my knee when braking at the clamping device (for the handlebar height). I have to say that I was very lucky and it could have been much worse. NEED FOR CHANGE!!! (-1 star in the rating).

    The rest is all wonderful. The range is almost as specified.

    Handbrake only needed to be adjusted.

    If it weren't for these facts, I would be absolutely satisfied with the product.

  5. A. Willgerodt -

    A lightweight e-scooter that can be taken almost anywhere thanks to its compact dimensions. Good, stable ride and also quite comfortable thanks to the suspension. An all-round harmonious concept!

  6. Werner K. -

    Super scooter,solid workmanship,very easy to fold,very nice support team,reasonable price,good ride,TOP

  7. Alex.W -

    Super scooter, squeaks a little on the handlebars, but drives cleanly in the lane, but what bothers me is that he is a small uphill not so schaft, floppy, otherwise straight stretch 19.5 KMH when going up max 5 kmh maybe stronger engine. Badly packed, rear panel bent.

  8. Florian Meyer-Venecia -

    Cool scooter and makes a lot of fun to ride on the thing But unfortunately I have something to complain about the engine unfortunately too weak just 110kg and he schaft only 17kmh
    and the range has he unfortunately also not or is scarce. But I keep it and I take it for short distance and good Mooviteam continue so!

  9. Thomas Kipp -

    Top device. Excellent support (explicit thanks to Ivana-Bianca). Shortcoming: The battery only lasts 11 kilometres, then the controller goes out => return note for inspection in 31547 Rehburg-Loccum received without any problems!

  10. Florian R. -

    I received the scooter today, it was well packed, so it arrived undamaged. The assembly is simple, the start-up is easy to manage. After charging, I did my first test laps on a closed-off area, it drives well, brakes well, so there is really nothing to complain about, except for two points:
    - The instruction manual is a little lacking with regard to the operation of the electronics, there are setting options that are not explained.
    - The purpose of the Tempomat. 1) as it is activated after 10 seconds of full throttle, only the maximum speeds of the 3 gears are possible, no intermediate speeds are possible. And 2.) the cruise control: It remains active after the mechanical brake is applied, which can be quite unsettling.

    Therefore, overall 4 out of 5 stars, but nevertheless I am happy about the device and can hardly wait to cover longer distances after the insurance sticker arrives.

  11. Thomas Held -

    The Moovi E Scooter is great. A little more power would be good. But otherwise it's not bad.
    But I am not satisfied with the support. I asked for screws for the handlebars (complete) to be sent to me, which I would also pay for. Unfortunately, despite the promise, nothing has happened yet. What a pity! Therefore only 3 stars.

  12. Hero . Thomas -

    I am very satisfied with the Moovi. Now if only the promised screws would arrive.
    It would be 5 stars.

  13. Jonas -

    Nice contact and a good product at an attractive price, what more could you want?
    I am completely satisfied and would opt for the scooter in the mini version again at any time.

  14. Saerdna Tlezrop -

    Why only 3 stars?
    From the beginning; I bought the scooter used to see if it was for me.
    After a few rides, I realised that the range and engine power were not enough.
    But, the low weight and the dimensions spoke for themselves. It was also clear to me that cobblestone
    cobblestones would be difficult with the solid rubber tyres. Only then did I realise how much KSP there actually is in my town.
    in my city. I am now on the verge of deciding in favour of the PRO, because it is the better eScooter for these
    things it is the better eScooter...................except again for the packing size for the boot. There it will be
    because I don't want to put it crosswise in the boot, I want to put it wide against the seat.
    Let's see what happens. Apart from that I want to give the now established service a good mark.
    service. It wasn't always like this.

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