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Moovi Pro

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The Moovi PRO is the big brother of the Moovi MINI. With its motor power of 300 watts, which is twice as strong as its little brother, and the large air-cushioned wheels, it convinces with more comfort and mileage and a longer range. It is particularly well suited for uneven terrain. Of course with road approval and the optional Moovit load system.

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Your powerful and comfortable e-scooter for all paths

Buy the Moovi Mini now and get around town quickly and flexibly - even with heavy loads. All your advantages with our foldable electric scooter from Moovi at a glance:

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Small dimensions, great comfort

The Moovi Pro is the ideal companion. With its efficient 300W motor and a range of up to 30 km, the electric scooter will take you to any destination. Equipped with 7.9 inch tyres, it offers maximum comfort on uneven paths. The weight of only 12.8 kg and the small dimensions of 108*54*116 cm make it so compact.

With a short push on the patented one-hand mechanism, you fold it up and with the handlebars also folded in, the whole scooter is only 111*16*36 cm small and even fits in the boot of a Smart or other city car. This is often a great advantage!

Moovie Display

Driving safety and comfort

With its range of up to 30km and its maximum speed of 22 km/h, the Moovi Pro e-scooter will take you quickly to your destination across town and country - of course with a permit for all roads and cycle paths.
Unlike many other electric scooters, the Moovi e-scooters are equipped with a rear-wheel drive. This means that they are extremely stable at all times, even with heavy loads - whether on concrete, on grass or even on the beach.

Three brakes provide additional safety: the recuperation brake, which is very smooth and pleasant to use and feeds energy back into the battery, the fast-acting coaster brake and the handy front brake.
Permanently installed LED front and rear reflectors powered by the main battery ensure that you are seen in traffic even in bad weather conditions and in the dark.

Loadable up to 130 kg

The Moovi Pro e-scooter impresses above all with its large 7.9 inch tyres, which promise a unique riding experience. Equipped with pneumatic tyres at the front, the scooter absorbs uneven road surfaces better, so that you can also ride comfortably over bumpy, non-solidly paved paths.
From the long jetty to the boat, from the motorhome across the campsite to the wash houses or the big round through woods and meadows with the dog - the Moovi Pro is the ideal companion for all people up to 130 kg. For all those who mainly travel in the city and want to transport the e-scooter in a bus, train or a small boot, we recommend our Moovi Mini.

e-scooter moovi Pro from behind

Problem-free maintenance

More flexibility through modular standard components

Designed in Germany, form follows function here: efficient motors, modular standard components that can be expanded and changed at will, and high-quality aluminium materials make maintaining your foldable e-scooter a breeze.

Without having to send in your scooter or take it to a specialist dealer, individual components can be checked and replaced if necessary - this promises safe, user-friendly and long-lasting riding pleasure.

Transporting loads stably

More flexibility through modular standard components

The Moovi Pro is particularly convincing thanks to our special load system, which is attached to the distinctive red ring on the front axle in just a few simple steps using a universal holder. This allows loads of up to 40 kg to be transported safely and stably, regardless of the steering.
Whether it's taking the camping toilet across the campsite, the crate of drinks across the park meadow, crates through the warehouse or the dog to the vet - the Moovi Pro will take any load off your hands.

Moovi sets with savings

Are you enthusiastic about the MoovIT load system and want to get started right away? Then you can even save a lot of money with our sets. We have put together various sets that are ideally suited to your needs.


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Starting up your Moovi scooter (video)

This is how you unpack your new Moovi e-scooter and put it into operation.


Speed:Max. 22 km/h (StVO compliant, road approval)
Reach:up to 30 km
Weight:12.8 kg
Dimensions (open):108cm * 54cm * 116cm
Dimensions (closed):111cm * 16cm * 36cm
Maximum load:130 kg
Battery:Li-Ion - 36V - 7,8 Ah
Performance:300W electric motor
Tyres:Front: Pneumatic tyres 7.9 inch
Rear: Solid rubber tyres 7.9 inch
On-board computerSpeed indicator Battery indicator
Kilometre indicator
3-stage cruise control
Lighting:Strong LED front reflector - white (compliant with StVO, road approval)
Strong LED rear reflector - red (compliant with StVO, road approval)
Acceleration:Electronic (right thumb)
Brakes:Drum brake (front wheel, left handle - StVO compliant, road legal)
Electronic (front wheel, left handle)
Mechanical (rear wheel)
KERS (Kinetic Energy Recovery System) - brake energy recovery system
Insurance badge:Bracket for insurance badge on rear axle
Bell:Light-hearing bell (left handle)
Suspension:Front suspension strut
Rear rubber suspension
Loading time:approx. 3.5 hours
Power supply unit:230V
Scope of delivery:Moovi E-Scooter
230V power supply
Practical multitool
Operating instructions
Data confirmation
Max. 22 km/h (StVO compliant, street legal)
up to 30 km
12.8 kg
Dimensions (open):
108cm * 54cm * 116cm
Dimensions (closed):
111cm * 16cm * 36cm
Maximum load:
130 kg
Li-Ion - 36V - 7.8 Ah
300W electric motor
Front: pneumatic tyres 7.9 inch
Rear: Solid tyres 7.9 inch
On-board computer
Speed indicator Battery indicator
3-stage cruise control
Strong LED front reflector - white (StVO compliant, road legal)
Strong LED rear reflector- red (StVO compliant, road legal)
Electronic (right thumb)
Drum brake (front wheel, left handle - StVO compliant, road legal)
Electronic (front wheel, left handle)
Mechanical (rear wheel)
KERS (Kinetic Energy Recovery System) - Brake Energy Regeneration System
Insurance badge:
Holder for insurance badge on rear axle
Loud bell (left handle)
Front suspension strut
Rear rubber suspension
Charging time:
approx. 3.5 hours
Power supply:
Scope of delivery:
Moovi E-Scooter
230V power supply
Practical multitool
Operating instructions
Data confirmation

Customer reviews

7 reviews for Moovi Pro

  1. Bernhard -

    I have been a happy Moovi customer since 2017. Back then, I bought my first Moovi at the boot in Düsseldorf and have been electrified ever since. In the summer of 2019, I exchanged it for the Moovi-StVO and have already driven well over 300 km with it. Now I have bought my next Moovi, the "StVO Pro", to upgrade the fleet.

    The advantages:
    -Large tyres (air in the front, solid rubber in the rear).
    -similar compact pack size as the "little brother
    -Strong/ efficient motor 300W
    -bright LED lights front and rear
    -The play in the handlebars is minimal
    -Great support: the "Moovi family" is simply great

    The disadvantages:
    -2kg heavier than the "little brother" (still lighter than most others).
    -Active range only 22km instead of the stated 30km at 92kg.
    -Front wheel brake is very weak
    -The cruise control can only be set to the respective maximum speed

    With the small Moovi, the small wheels always bothered me a lot on uneven roads such as cobblestones. On the way to the bakery for breakfast, the 150W motor of the small Moovi always reached its limits, so I had to help it along with my foot. The new Pro rectifies exactly these two problems. It is now much easier to drive on uneven roads and the powerful motor pushes me up every hill without any problems.
    However, the Moovis still have to work a bit on the range, with 22km my Moovi doesn't quite reach the stated 30km.

    For me, the new Moovi Pro is the perfect scooter for the last mile, I'm happy to accept the extra weight, even if you notice the extra 2kg on your arm. The small Moovi stays with me on the boat, where I can easily stow it away.

    Not verified purchase. More information

  2. Thomas Ströber -

    The ideal means of combined transport. I have to walk about 2 kilometres to the S-Bahn to get to the city. In the city I then have to walk another 2 kilometres to work. My wife has the car. I've already had bicycles smashed and stolen at the station. It's unpleasant to take bicycles with you on the S-Bahn, which is usually quite full. In the city, I have to walk another 2 kilometres to work. The Moovi e-scooter has proved ideal here. I can fold it up quickly and it takes up little space in the corner of the S-Bahn. In the city, it folds up again in no time, and at work I take it up to the office. Of course, all my colleagues have already taken it for a spin and are just as enthusiastic as I am. One of them even has a Lidl scooter and now wants to switch because the Moovi is simply much lighter and better value. That's how I advertise for you guys!

    Not verified purchase. More information

  3. Martin -

    We have had the e-scooter since Christmas 2020. I have to say that it really is a great invention. It lives up to what I was promised. The battery lasts a long time, the range is good and the weight is easy to carry.

    Not verified purchase. More information

  4. Maike -

    Bought 2 weeks ago and was not disappointed. A super e-scooter, I am thrilled, so light and compact, just great.

    Not verified purchase. More information

  5. Julian -

    Very good e-scooter, good price/performance ratio, fast delivery. I am satisfied.

    Not verified purchase. More information

  6. Piero -

    I bought the Moovi in August 2020, for the long distances at the Mercedes factory in Sindelfingen, it's a pity that I found out later that electric scooters are forbidden in the factory, nevertheless the Moovi has done a good job, e.g. the way from the car park to the factory gate and back, I always have the Moovi with me, long parking spaces are no longer a problem for me, even travelling by bus or train is no longer a problem, simply fold the Moovi up to the bus stop and take it with you.

    Not verified purchase. More information

  7. Gerd Höffer -

    Too bad, if I had known that there would be a Pro Comfort, I would have waited. It would have been nice if this had been announced in a newsletter (isn't there one here?) or on Facebook. I give the scooter 5 stars, but I deduct one for the lack of information. That's what we expect nowadays and it was certainly known far enough in advance that there would be an improved version.

    Not verified purchase. More information

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