E-Scooters Are All The Same

Two wheels, handlebars, running board. If there weren’t the subtle differences

During development and production of the Moovi, we focused on launching an inexpensive and durable product to the market that stands out from the crowd through simplicity and quality. As an e-scooter certified by TÜV-Germany, Moovi meets all safety and quality requirements of the European legal regulations. To show you all the advantages of Moovi, we have divided the components into four areas: chassis, motor, production and equipment.

Powerful and smart


The electric, brushless 150W linear motor with state-of-the-art technology is not only quiet, economical and maintenance-free, but also delivers real power to the road.


Modern workmanship and design of the motor guarantees maintenance-free use without rapid wear.

Low Power Consumption

Thanks to its patented lightweight construction, the motor is characterised by low power consumption even at high power levels.

Energy Recovery

The latest KERS technology feeds the kinetic energy gained during braking and rolling back into the battery.

No Roll Resistance

If Moovi is not electrically operated, it can also be used as an ordinary pedal scooter.

Safe and Durable


Made of sturdy aluminium, Moovi is robust, durable and prepared for daily use.

Lightweight Aluminum Construction

Makes Moovi one of the lightest e-scooters

Nach IP45-Zertifizierung


Guaranteed longevity, even in bad weather


Anti-Slip Mat

For a safe driving experience


One-Hand Folding Mechanism

For particularly simple folding and unfolding


Stable Side Stand

Compact installation for quick parking of the e-scootera


Mounting Hook

Allows safe locking of the Moovi

Functional and Modern


Equipped with LED lights, battery power a smart on-board computer, Moovi exceeds all the requirements of a modern e-scooter.

LED Front And Rear Light

The LED lights are stylishly integrated into the frame for a bright front (white) and rear light (red).

Multifunctional Display

The illuminated multi-function display shows you speed, charge, gear or mileage at any time.

Lithium-Ion Battery

The high-performance lithium-ion battery with 36V and 4.4 Ah (TÜV-Germany tested) allows distances of up to 20 km to be covered in one piece.


The intelligent charger allows recharging at any time without memory effect.

Precise and Smooth


The composition of the chassis ensures a pleasant, comfortable and above all safe driving experience.

Wheel Bearing

The high-quality wheel bearing is characterised by extremely smooth running and precise handling.


The double spring mechanism (front & rear) absorbs shocks and thus enables a very pleasant and comfortable suspension behavior.


The electric motor brake at the push of a button or the manual brake via the rear wheel offer several braking options.

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