Moovi FAQs

Is it compulsory to wear a helmet on the Moovi e-scooter?

No, helmets are not compulsory for road-legal e-scooters either, but of course you're safer when you're wearing a helmet. That's why we have developed the Moovi x Closca folding helmet, which can be folded to a small pack size in no time. We are of course very happy if you take care of your safety and wear a helmet. This makes you not only safer, but also more stylish on the road 🙂

Paragraph 21a of the StVO:
(2) Anyone who drives motorcycles or open motor vehicles with three or more wheels and a maximum design speed of more than 20 km/h, as well as riding on or in them, must wear a suitable safety helmet while driving. This does not apply if mandatory seat belts are worn.
Status 28.11.2022

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