Moovi - the e-scooter with a globally unique load system

You can transport everything with it: shopping, camping, loading and unloading the boat or in the warehouse.

Lightweight. Compact. High comfort and strong performance:
Moovi E-Scooter Pro Comfort
Moovi handlebar foldable

Wide handlebars to fold in

Moovi e-scooters have wider handlebars than most other handlebar than most other e-scooters, which can also be folded.

Load system

Moovi load system Moovit

The Moovit load system

With the patented luggage carrier system "Moovit"
you can easily transport various loads up to 40 kg with the Moovi e-scooter.

Folding mechanism
The folding mechanism of the Moovi e-scooter

Compact due to the folding mechanism

The one-hand folding mechanism makes the Moovi is smaller than other e-scooters and is easy to easy to transport and stow away.


Mat against vibrations

Vibration reduction

Lots of riding comfort thanks to the anti-vibration mat and the Honeycomb rear tire.

Power E-Scooter

Strong performance

300 Watt electric motor with 22 Km/h top speed and 30 Km range

Technical data at a glance

Moovi Pro Comfort with icons and data

This is Moovi:

"protected by patent EP 20 211 557.2"

Your advantages:


Moovi Mini and Moovi Pro are super easy to carry and store. Perfect for travelling, commuting, boating, camping and shopping.


Nothing can happen to you with the Moovi: Sturdy construction, top design, good insurance. And on top of that, there's a very good vehicle insurance policy at very good conditions.


This is important to us and we also put it into practice. With innovative concepts for drive, use, energy input and recycling. With the Moovi you sustainably protect the environment.

Moovi tests in popular media

Moovi e-scooters have already been tested in many well-known magazines and video channels in recent years. 

Video reports:

The sensation on the mountain! The Moovi is completely unexpectedly the new benchmark on the mountain.148 meters altitude on a route of 2.3 km he creates with flying colors!

PDF reports for download:

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