The perfect e-scooter for campers

- small & foldable

- light & strong

- Patented load system

E-Scooter for campers

At the campsite there is always something to carry!

Whether battery or canister. Provisions or drinks. If you have a camper or caravan, then you also have a lot of things that need to be transported. In most cases you even have to cover a few metres - in the worst case even a few hundred. A Moovi e-scooter with load system is an enormous help here, because the e-scooter transports many different things and is easy on your nerves and back.

The Moovi e-scooter is versatile for use on the campsite and on the road
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Extremely small pack size
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incredibly strong
The Moovit load system explained in a graphic

The load system from Moovi is called "Moovit" and can be used flexibly. The universal holder is attached to the red ring and thus serves for the luggage carrier or also for the system holding plate to "plug in". Very simple, easy and fast!

Which Moovi e-scooters are available and what are the differences?

...and what do they have in common? Both e-scooters are expandable with the patented and worldwide unique load system "Moovit". You can see this from the small red ring on the steering axle. The universal holder is attached there. Luggage racks, baskets, boxes or other elements can then be attached there using the system holder plate.

Other common features are the STVO-compliant top speed of 20 km/h, the lighting with LED front and rear reflectors, the KERS brake with energy recovery and the small on-board computer with 3-step control, as well as displays for speed, battery and kilometres.

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The Cargo Sparset contains:

1. one Moovi e-scooter

Moovi Pro Comfort with icons and data

2. the MoovIt® universal mount as a basis

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3. the MoovIt® luggage carrier made of ALU

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Oliver's travels on Youtube test the load system

A very nice test about the Moovi and the load system has been posted by Oliver's Travels on his channel.

It shows the many advantages that an e-scooter has with a cargo pole when camping.

Link to the channel: Oliver's Travels

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