MoovIT load system

How to transport loads with your Moovi electric scooter

With our load system, you can transport various loads of up to 40 kg on the front axle of your Moovi Mini or Moovi Pro, independent of the steering. What do you need for this? Our universal holder and the transport part of your choice!

The universal holder as a basis

Our universal holder, which you can attach to the distinctive red ring on the front of your electric scooter in a few simple steps, is the heart of our load system. It allows you to connect further transport parts and thus create the ideal load system for your electric scooter.

All transport parts for different loads

From the shopping basket for groceries to the luggage carrier for larger boxes to our system holder on which you can individually attach dog baskets, tool boxes, canisters and much more - here you will find the right transport parts for your Moovi electric scooter. You can easily attach them to the universal holder in no time at all and are thus prepared for any load.