MoovIt system holder


With the MoovIt system holder, there are no limits to your creativity! The system holder is the connecting piece between your Moovi and your transport object!

Simply screw on a counterpart with the system holder, as a DIY kit, and you can take along your suitcase, dog basket, canister, tool box or whatever else you want to transport.

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The MoovIt system holder for e-scooters was developed in Germany and is milled from a solid piece of aluminium. This gives our system holder a very long service life. Moovi's customary ease of use is also evident in the system holder: simply place it on the MoovIt universal holder, fasten your transport object with the help of the four screws and you're ready to go. You can easily put your transport object on and off the universal holder at any time.

The system holder adapts perfectly to your transport needs. Whether you want to transport a suitcase, a box or a toolbox, the MoovIt system holder makes it child's play. And the best thing about it: because the system holder is attached to the red Moovi hook, the driving behaviour changes only minimally. Even with the extra weight, your Moovi remains agile and manoeuvrable, just as you are used to.

Since we can't produce our own holder for all applications, our MoovIt system holder for e-scooters is the perfect solution for anyone who likes to get creative themselves. If you are looking for something where you can simply strap the transport stand onto it, then take a look at our MoovIt luggage rack.

To be able to use the system mount, you also need a MoovIt universal mount.

The e-scooter load system MoovIt is a German innovation and patent pending.

Safety notice

The permissible total weight of your Moovi e-scooter (120 kg for the Moovi Mini and 130 kg for the Moovi Pro) must not be exceeded. Even with the system holder and additional weight, the maximum load of your Moovi must not be exceeded. The maximum permitted weight for loads on the system holder is 30 kg.

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