Handlebars with indicator light
Rear tire with brake light
Front tire with folding mechanism
Powerful luminaire
The handlebars are foldable
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Moovi Pro S Comfort

The new Moovi Pro S Comfort has been consistently further developed. The indicators on the extended handlebar ends and the rear light with brake light now ensure greater safety. The new batteries from LG provide more power and range.

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Maximum comfort and performance

Pre-order the Moovi Pro S Comfort now and be on the move quickly and smoothly on any terrain - even with heavy loads. 

What's new?

Thanks to the more powerful LG batteries and the newly developed motor with 10% more power and significantly more torque, we were able to increase the range to up to 40 km. The handlebars have been widened to 65 cm and thus offer even more stability. The powerful indicators are now located at the end of the handlebars, ensuring greater safety when changing direction. The new brake light also increases safety enormously. Despite all the improvements, we have managed to remain one of the lightest e-scooters at 13.5 kg, making us the leader in the "ultralight class"!

Table of contents

Pneumatic tires

The 7.9 inch pneumatic tire absorbs small bumps.


Ferderbein at the front absorbs larger impacts.

Multifunctional ring

Metal ring for lock and attachment of the patented load system.


NEW: High-quality LG battery cells, 10.5 Ah, 360 Wh.

Anti-vibration mat

10 mm anti-vibration griptape reduces micro-vibrations.

Turn signal

Protected indicators on the handlebar ends provide more safety.


The folding handlebar with a width of 65 cm is the widest on the market and offers a much safer riding experience.

Brake light

More safety with the new brake light!

The ultralight class

At just 13.5 kg, the Moovi Pro Comfort S is a whole 6-9 kg lighter than most current e-scooters. At the same time, its dimensions make it the most compact of all e-scooters when folded up (also thanks to the folding handlebars).

When folded, it is only 111 cm long, 36 cm high and 16 cm narrow. The Moovi Pro Comfort S is so light and compact that you can even carry it comfortably over your shoulder with its optional bag (also the only e-scooter on the market).

Driving safety

The new Satelite indicators now ensure that you can keep both hands on the handlebars and the brake light also draws attention to your braking during the day.

Three brakes provide additional safety: the recuperation brake, which feeds energy back into the battery, the fast-acting coaster brake and the handy front brake.

LED front and rear reflectors ensure that you are clearly visible on the road even in poor weather conditions and in the dark.

Thanks to the rear-wheel drive, it is extremely stable even under heavy loads and on uneven paths. 

Payload up to 130 kg

The Moovi e-scooter is approved for a payload of 130 kg.

The rear cavity tire of the Moovi Pro S Comfort promises a particularly smooth ride, as the cavity in the tire absorbs any unevenness. 

Of course, the weight of the driver must also be taken into account when loading loads. A 90 kg rider can therefore load up to 40 kg with our patented load system

Problem-free maintenance

More flexibility through modular standard components

Designed in Germany, form follows function here:modular standard components and high-quality aluminum materials make maintenance very easy.

Without having to send your scooter in or take it to a specialist dealer, individual components can be reordered and replaced as required. This promises safe, user-friendly and long-lasting riding pleasure.

Here you can find accessories and spare parts.

Transporting loads

The e-scooters from Moovi impress with their practical load system, which is attached to the red ring on the front axle in just a few simple steps. This means that loads of up to 40 kg can be transported safely, stably and smoothly, regardless of the steering - from the camping toilet to the drinks crate and the toolbox, right through to the dog basket.

Savings advantage

Are you enthusiastic about the MoovIT load system and want to get started right away? Then you can even save a lot of money with our sets. We have put together various sets that are ideally suited to your needs.


Speed:Max. 22 km/h (StVO compliant, road approval)
Reach:up to 40 km
Weight:13.5 kg
Dimensions (open):108cm * 62cm * 116cm
Dimensions (closed):111cm * 16cm * 36cm
Maximum payload:130 kg
Battery:Li-Ion - 36V - 10.5 Ah
Performance:330W electric motor
Tyres:Front: 7.9-inch pneumatic tires
Rear: Hollow tires 7.9 inch
On-board computerSpeed indicator Battery indicator
Kilometre indicator
3-stage cruise control
Lighting:Indicators on the handlebar ends
Powerful LED front reflector - white (StVO-compliant, road-approved)
Powerful LED rear reflector - red including brake light (StVO-compliant, road-approved)
Acceleration:Electronic (right thumb)
Brakes:Drum brake (front wheel, left handle - StVO compliant, road legal)
Electronic (front wheel, left handle)
Mechanical (rear wheel)
KERS (Kinetic Energy Recovery System) - brake energy recovery system
Insurance badge:Bracket for insurance badge on rear axle
Bell:Light-hearing bell (left handle)
Suspension:Front suspension strut
Rear rubber suspension
Loading time:approx. 3.7 hours
Power supply unit:230V
Scope of delivery:Moovi E-Scooter
230V power supply
Practical multitool
Operating instructions
Data confirmation
EAN: 4260258044089
Max. 22 km/h (StVO compliant, street legal)
up to 40 km
13.5 kg
Dimensions (open):
108cm * 62cm * 116cm
Dimensions (closed):
111cm * 16cm * 36cm
Maximum load:
130 kg
Li-Ion - 36V - 10.5 Ah
330W electric motor
Front: Pneumatic tires 7.9 inch
Rear: Hollow tires 7.9 inch
On-board computer
Speed indicator Battery indicator
3-stage cruise control
Indicators on the handlebar ends
Powerful LED front spotlight - white (StVO-compliant, road-legal)
Powerful LED rear spotlight including brake light - red (StVO-compliant, road-legal)
Electronic (right thumb)
Drum brake (front wheel, left handle - StVO compliant, road legal)
Electronic (front wheel, left handle)
Mechanical (rear wheel)
KERS (Kinetic Energy Recovery System) - Brake Energy Regeneration System
Insurance badge:
Holder for insurance badge on rear axle
Loud bell (left handle)
Front suspension strut
Rear rubber suspension
Charging time:
approx. 3.7 hours
Power supply:
Scope of delivery:
Moovi E-Scooter
230V power supply
Practical multitool
Operating instructions
Data confirmation
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