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Buy the practical Moovi Shopping Set now and transport your shopping home on your Moovi Mini or Moovi Pro!

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Transporting shopping comfortably and car-free

Not in the mood for heavy lugging or the eternal search for a parking space when shopping? Then our shopping set is just the thing for you. The sturdy shopping basket fits perfectly into our universal holder and allows you to quickly transport groceries & co. home on your electric scooter - from small errands to weekend shopping. Whether in the countryside or in the city, whether with the Moovi Mini or the Moovi Pro - with the Shopping Set, shopping stress is a thing of the past.

4 reviews for Moovi Shopping Set

  1. Sabine Vollmer -

    The whole family is thrilled about the Moovi with the shopping basket. Since we used to do small purchases by bike from the basement, it is now much easier for us to just jet off to the supermarket on the scooter.

  2. Andrea Ahrend -

    I only do my short shopping trips in the district with the scooter. The other day I didn't have the shopping basket with me and then I carried the shopping with a jute bag on my wrist. It made such a difference. When you start to steer, the bag starts to swing out and a little later almost pulls you off the steering wheel. Almost dangerous! I don't have that at all with the shopping basket, the centre of gravity is much further down and it has no influence on the steering. It's safe and practical. Thank you Moovi!

  3. Dirk Hundertmark -

    A very well thought-out construction. I was immediately impressed by the enormous stability. It is really amazing what such a small scooter can transport. It's unbelievable that no other manufacturer offers something like this.

  4. Alevski -


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Weight: 10.8 kg
12.8 kg
12.8 kg
up to 20 km
up to 30 km
up to 30 km
up to 20 km/h
up to 22 km/h
up to 22 km/h
Tyres front
Solid rubber tyres 5.7 inch Pneumatic tyres 7.9 inch Pneumatic tyres 7.9 inch
Rear tyres
Solid rubber tyres 5.7 inch Solid rubber tyres 7.9 inch Honeycomb tyres 7.9 inch
Anti-vibration mat
no no yes
36V - 5.2 Ah
36V - 7.8 Ah
36V - 7.8 Ah
Performance: 150 W
300 W 300 W
Loading time: 2.5 hrs.
3.5 hrs.
3.5 hrs.
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