MoovIt Universal Mount


With this small functional component, you will move more than you can imagine. The MoovIt Universal Mount is the heart of our new modular load system for the Moovi e-scooter.

It allows you to easily attach various transport parts, such as the MoovIt luggage carrier, the MoovIt system holder or bags, which will soon be available separately, to your Moovi e-scooter.

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The MoovIt universal mount was developed in Germany and is milled from a solid piece of aluminium. Since we are big fans of lightness and modularity, you simply attach the universal mount to the red hook of your Moovi that you normally use as an anti-theft device (you can still do this, by the way).

This means that the universal holder can be used with any Moovi e-scooter model that has a red hook. The bracket is tightened with the enclosed set screw and you can start transporting your shopping, bags, suitcases, beverage crates and much more. The MoovIt luggage carrier for transporting any loads or the MoovIt system holder, with which you can make your own items such as toolboxes or similar transportable for your Moovi e-scooter, can be attached to the universal holder.

Due to the low centre of gravity at the steering head of your Moovi e-scooter, the loads are ideally positioned for optimal directional stability. Unlike loads transported by a handlebar bag, the weight does not negatively influence your steering behaviour.

The e-scooter load system MoovIt is a German innovation and patent pending.

Safety notice

The permissible total weight of your Moovi e-scooter (120 kg for the Moovi Mini and 130 kg for the Moovi Pro) must not be exceeded. Even with additional weight attached to the universal holder, the maximum load of your Moovi must not be exceeded.

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