Manufacturer's warranty

Our products undergo extensive quality control before shipment. Should a defect nevertheless occur due to a production error, these are subject to our one-year guarantee or the two-year statutory warranty.

Warranty conditions:

The manufacturer Kaufmann Sortimentsgroßhandel GmbH grants a 1-year guarantee on the product advertised with the guarantee promise. The period for calculating the duration of the guarantee begins on the date of the invoice. The territorial scope of the manufacturer's guarantee extends to the country of the Federal Republic of Germany. Should material defects or manufacturing defects occur in the goods you have purchased during this period, the manufacturer as guarantor will provide you with one of the following services at its discretion within the scope of this guarantee:

  • Repair of the goods free of charge or
  • Exchange of the goods for an equivalent item free of charge

The guarantor may refuse the type of supplementary performance chosen by the buyer - such as the delivery of new goods - if it causes disproportionate costs compared to the other type - repair.

In the event of a warranty claim, please contact the warranty provider:

Kaufmann Assortment Wholesale GmbH 

Jägerstr. 15a 

30167 Hanover

Tel.: +49 511 443 94132


You are also welcome to use our contact form.

Warranty claims are excluded in the event of damage to the goods by:

  • Normal wear
  • Improper or abusive handling
  • Failure to observe any safety precautions
  • Use of the product for other purposes, such as high risk performance
  • Use of force (e.g. beatings)
  • Traffic accidents or other collision damage
  • Seals are damaged
  • Repair attempts on your own
  • Environmental influences (heat, humidity etc.)
Warranty services are also excluded for normal wear and tear of wearing parts, such as: Tyres, brakes/brake pads, Bowden cables, handlebar grips, hoses/jacket, bell, lights, stand, number plate holder etc.

A prerequisite for claiming under the guarantee is prior notification of the guarantee claim via our contact form or by e-mail to: and the possibility for the guarantor to check the guarantee claim (e.g. by sending in the goods).Care must be taken to avoid damage to the goods in transit by using secure packaging. For this reason, we insist on shipment in the original box or a box sent by us. A copy of the invoice must be submitted with the guarantee application so that the guarantor can check whether the guarantee period has been observed. Without a copy of the invoice, the guarantor can refuse the guarantee. Furthermore, you must provide the name and address of the seller if this information is not available from the copy of the invoice. If the serial number differs, the guarantee may also be refused.

In the case of justified warranty claims, the warranty will always be processed carriage paid, i.e. the guarantor will reimburse any shipping costs for the outward shipment.

If our technical team should determine that the guarantee does not apply due to one of the above-mentioned points, we will have to charge you the costs of the inspection and return shipment in the amount of 40€ (incl. 19% VAT).

Of course, our technical team can give you a quote for repairing the appliance.

Important note: This manufacturer's warranty does not restrict your statutory rights in the event of defects and you can make use of them free of charge. Consequently, any existing statutory warranty rights against us remain unaffected by this guarantee promise. This manufacturer's warranty promise therefore does not violate your legal rights, but rather extends your legal position.

If the purchased item is defective, you can always contact us within the framework of the statutory warranty, irrespective of whether a warranty case exists or the warranty is invoked.

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