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E-scooter with load system as transport scooter

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Are you interested in the Moovi e-scooter with load system for use as a transport scooter in the warehouse or for order picking? Then use the form to request the conditions for the B2B area. We will advise you on the extensive possibilities that a Moovi e-scooter offers in the area of warehouse logistics, as a transport scooter or simply for long distances in the factory and will be happy to make you an individual offer.

Ideal as a storage roller for order picking

For use, the MoovIt universal holder is required, which is attached to the distinctive red hook of each Moovi. The luggage carrier for transporting loads or the system holder for mounting any objects can be easily attached to the universal holder.

MoovIt Universal Mount

 The MoovIt Universal Mount is the heart of our new modular load system for the Moovi e-scooter.

MoovIt luggage carrier

In combination with the MoovIt universal holder, the two-piece carrier forms an unbeatable transport team.

MoovIt system holder

With the MoovIt system holder, there are no limits to your creativity! The system holder is the connecting piece between your Moovi and your transport object!

Moovit system holder

How do I get my box or basket to the e-scooter?

MoovIt system holder

With the MoovIt system holder, there are no limits to your creativity! The system holder is the connecting piece between your Moovi and your transport object!

The system holder is a do-it-yourself KIT that is simply screwed onto the box, basket or case of your choice. This way you are extremely flexible and can transport almost anything you want.

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The compact e-scooter

Fold your Moovi into a compact size with a quick flick of the wrist and take it anywhere. Thanks to our sophisticated lightweight aluminum construction, we have developed one of the lightest and at the same time safest e-scooters on the market with 12.8 kg.

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E-scooters are environmentally friendly

Your Moovi not only takes you to your destination in a compact and fun way, but is also sustainable and environmentally friendly. With the economical and rechargeable lithium-ion battery and the maintenance-free electric motor, your Moovi is completely emission-free!

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The E-Scooter Support Team

As a sustainable and innovative company, the satisfaction of our customers is our top priority. If you have any questions or problems, please contact us via our contact form. Our support and technical team will be happy to help you in word and deed.

The E-Scooter Motor

The electric, brushless linear motor based on the latest technology is not only quiet, economical and maintenance-free, but also brings real power to the road.


Modern workmanship and design of the motor guarantees maintenance-free use without rapid wear.

Low consumption

Thanks to the patented lightweight construction, the motor is characterised by low power consumption even at high output.

Energy recovery

The latest KERS technology, feeds the kinetic energy gained during braking and coasting back into the battery.

No rolling resistance

When Moovi is not electrically powered, it can also be used like an ordinary pedal scooter.


Equipped with LED light, battery power and a smart on-board computer, Moovi exceeds all requirements of a modern e-scooter.

LED front and rear reflectors

For road registration, the required front and rear reflectors are installed and can be activated simply with a step via the on-board computer.

Bright multifunction display

The illuminated multifunction display shows you the speed, charge, gear or mileage at any time.


Energy recoveryLithium-ion battery

The high-performance lithium-ion battery with 36V and 4.4 Ah (TÜV-Süd tested) allows you to cover distances of up to 20 km at a stretch.



The intelligent charger allows recharging at any time without memory effect.


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