Moovi Cargo Set

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Buy the Moovi Cargo Set now and transport heavy loads of up to 40 kg on your Moovi Mini or Moovi Pro without any problems!

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Heavy loads transported easily

The Cargo Set is the right choice for all people who often have to transport larger and heavier loads. Whether it's the camping toilet or the drinks crate at the campsite, the toolbox at work, the suitcases and drinks to the boat or large boxes in the warehouse - on our practical and versatile complete system, a wide variety of loads up to 40 kg can be transported comfortably with the electric scooter.

4 reviews for Moovi Cargo Set

  1. Stefan -

    The scooter with the load system is a great thing. I already use it for a few different applications and my wife loves to go shopping with the scooter. For me as a commuter, it's ideal because I can easily transport my somewhat larger bag on it and no longer have to carry it on my back in a backpack. That was too uncomfortable for me.

  2. Axel Dreier -

    Ingenious e-scooter! Very safe driving experience and really fun.
    It's also great to ride with the new carrier system, even if there's a drinks crate on it.
    I am pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to attach the carrier and how robustly it is made. Great thing!

  3. E. Su -

    Very satisfied with the range and handling of this Moovi Pro Cargo Scooter.
    I was also impressed by the possibility of folding the scooter.
    I have owned this scooter for a long time and continue to enjoy every ride.

    I can recommend this model.

  4. Jörg -

    The entire order process, including the friendly and reliable personal support, consisted of the highest excellence!

    Great company and brilliant product.

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Weight: 10.8 kg
12.8 kg
12.8 kg
up to 20 km
up to 30 km
up to 30 km
up to 20 km/h
up to 22 km/h
up to 22 km/h
Tyres front
Solid rubber tyres 5.7 inch Pneumatic tyres 7.9 inch Pneumatic tyres 7.9 inch
Rear tyres
Solid rubber tyres 5.7 inch Solid rubber tyres 7.9 inch Honeycomb tyres 7.9 inch
Anti-vibration mat
no no yes
36V - 5.2 Ah
36V - 7.8 Ah
36V - 7.8 Ah
Performance: 150 W
300 W 300 W
Loading time: 2.5 hrs.
3.5 hrs.
3.5 hrs.
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