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Commercial use of e-scooters with load system

Delivery roller for mail, newspapers or brochures. Ideal with holder for bags.

Newspaper & delivery rollers

With the new carrier for delivery staff, the Moovi is super practical for newspaper deliverers and letter carriers. The stainless steel carrier is ultra stable and has a quick stand. There are securing hooks in the upper area to attach bags quickly and securely.

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Factory & Transport Scooters

With its different and easily adaptable load system, the Moovi is ideal as a factory trolley and, of course, as a transport trolley in larger warehouses. The perfect "device" for order picking.

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Following the enlarged delivery rack with stable double stand, we have extended the system once again to include a cork cool/heat box. Ideal for food delivery services such as pizza delivery.

Request conditions for B2B orders here

Are you interested in the Moovi e-scooter with load system for use as a delivery scooter for newspapers, brochures or other direct mail? Then use the form to request the conditions for the B2B area. We will advise you about the extensive possibilities that a Moovi e-scooter offers in the area of delivery, as a delivery scooter and will be happy to make you an individual offer.

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