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Moovit Logo - The patented load system for Moovi e-scooters

The MoovIt carrier allows you to easily transport various loads with your Moovi. In combination with the MoovIt universal holder, the two-piece carrier forms an unbeatable transport team.

With the luggage rack you can carry additional loads without changing the handling of the Moovi. This is only possible because of the low centre of gravity of the carrier. The practical rubber mat ensures that everything is secure and stays on the carrier.

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The MoovIt e-scooter luggage carrier is the universal tool for transporting different loads on your Moovi e-scooter. Shopping, beverage crates, camping toilets or other objects are no longer a transport problem. Simply clamp it onto the luggage carrier, lay it down or stand it up and you're ready to go.

The carrier is available in two versions: either the stainless steel or the aluminium version. Regardless of which version you choose, the rack comes in the smallest possible pack size, as is typical for Moovi, and can therefore be stored with you. The eyelets allow you to easily use straps or belts to secure your load.

You can simply attach the luggage carrier to the universal bracket and your cargo Moovi is ready to go. Because it is mounted on the lower end of the handlebar, your Moovi remains as manoeuvrable and agile as before, even with the MoovIt luggage rack. Even with additional luggage on board, the handling of your Moovi will not deteriorate.

If you would rather have a holder to which you can firmly screw various things, then you should take a closer look at our MoovIt system holder.

The e-scooter load system MoovIt is a German innovation and patent pending.

Safety notice

The permissible total weight of your Moovi e-scooter (120 kg for the Moovi Mini and 130 kg for the Moovi Pro) must not be exceeded. Even with the luggage carrier and additional weight, the maximum load of your Moovi must not be exceeded. The maximum permitted weight for loads on the carrier is 30kg (aluminium). With the stainless steel version it is only important not to exceed the maximum permitted weight of 120kg (Moovi Mini) or 130kg (Moovi Pro).

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Aluminium, Stainless steel

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