The perfect gift for boaters

- small & foldable

- light & strong

- Patented load system

Gift for boat owners and boaters: The small, light and compact Moovi Pro Comfort.

Boaters always have something to transport!

Whether boat battery or gas can. Provisions or drinks.

If you have a boat, you also have to transport many things from A to B, such as a car. Often you have to walk a bit to get to the boat. In the worst case, it's even a few hundred meters.

A Moovi e-scooter with load system is very helpful. It can transport many things while saving your back and nerves.

That's why Moovi e-scooter is a great gift for every boat owner and of course for campers.

Scooter with drink box 400
scooter folded
Extremely small pack size
scooter with canister
incredibly strong
Give pleasure and choose a meaningful gift
The Moovit Load System Graphic

The load system from Moovi is called "Moovit" and can be used flexibly. The universal holder is attached to the red ring and can be used for the luggage carrier or the system mounting plate. Very simple, easy and fast!

What distinguishes a good gift for a boat owner?

A gift is good when you have thought about what the recipient really needs. And it doesn't matter whether it's a birthday, anniversary or Christmas. Men who have a boat and are absorbed in this hobby usually already have pretty much everything that goes with it. They don't need a third compass or sweaters with maritime patterns.

Men think practically

They also do not need a keychain or other odds and ends. Men, unlike women, like practical gifts. And it may have a motor or a power cable. And if it doesn't have another one in the harbor, they are completely happy. It's as simple as that. And with an e-scooter, they're right on target. 

The unique load system helps immensely when working in the port. In retrospect, you'll be grateful for it even more often. Whether it's loads or just the little trip to the bakery early in the morning. The Moovi is simply extremely practical for the whole family.


Which Moovi e-scooters are available?

Currently, there is only the Moovi Pro Comfort. In the past, there was also the "Moovi Mini", which can still be seen in photos from time to time. 

It had small 5.9 inch tires and was even slightly smaller and lighter. 

However, the load system works equally well with both scooters. So anyone who owns an older Moovi Mini can still retrofit it.

The Cargo gift economy set contains:

1. one Moovi e-scooter

Moovi Pro Comfort with icons and data

2. the MoovIt® universal mount as a basis

Moovi shopping slider below 02 1

3. the MoovIt® luggage carrier made of ALU

Moovi shopping slider below 08 1

The Moovis have been tested by people who need to know.

Many well-known trade journals have already addressed the topic of "e-scooters on board". Here are a few PDF excerpts. You can find even more on this topic on our page Moovi e-scooter tests.

PDF download 1,8 MB

PDF download 1,6 MB

PDF download 0,5 MB

Good reasons to give away a Moovi e-scooter to boat owners:

  1. Port mobility: E-scooters are lightweight and compact, allowing boat owners to move around the port more easily. They can easily transport the e-scooter on the boat and then use it at the dock to quickly commute between their yacht and the amenities of the harbor.

  2. Exploring the surrounding area: With an e-scooter, boat owners can easily explore the area around the port, whether for shopping, visiting restaurants or discovering local attractions. They no longer have to rely on walking or cabs.

  3. Saving time and money: An e-scooter is a cost-effective and time-saving transportation option. Boat owners do not have to call expensive cabs or wait for public transportation. This can help save time and money.

  4. Environmentally friendly: E-scooters are usually electrically powered and therefore environmentally friendly. This fits well with the preference of many boat owners for environmentally conscious behavior and the protection of the marine environment.

  5. Space saving: As boats often offer limited space, a small e-scooter is ideal as it takes up little storage space. It can be easily stowed away without taking up much space.

  6. Fun Factor: E-scooter riding can also be fun. Boat owners can enjoy the freedom and thrill of scooter riding, which is a welcome change from the activities on any yacht.

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