Tesla Transport Check

Moovi StVo in the Tesla Transport Check at News-on-Tour

E-car and E-scooter

E-mobility has been on everyone's lips since the middle of last year at the latest. In the automotive sector, Tesla is considered the measure of all things. When it comes to e-scooters in the commuter class, our Moovi Mini is right up there with them.

So what could be more natural than stowing your Moovi Mini in your Tesla?

How well can our Moovi Mini actually be accommodated there? We are pleased to report that Christian Sasse from News-on-Tour tried out just that in a video.

Moovi Mini x Tesla

In the video, our Moovi Mini is stored in four different Teslas. The place of storage here is the so-called "frunk" (the boot in the front area). The models were a Tesla Model S "Pre-Facelift" (year of manufacture ) ,a Model 3, a Model X, and a Model S Facelift.

In the Model S "Pre-Facelift" there is more than enough space in the frunk to take our e-scooter. With a clever packing technique, it would even be possible to take several Moovis with us. We are of course very pleased that the Moovi has been packed or wrapped for transport, but if you have a suitable carrier bag at hand, you can also use it for this purpose(click here for our carrier bag). The Model X also offers more than enough space in the frunk to accommodate one, or even two or three, Moovis.

Despite the small dimensions of our Moovi, both the Model 3 and the Model S Facelift unfortunately do not offer enough storage space in the frunk to accommodate a Moovi. But there are always the "normal" boots and there is definitely enough space to store Moovis for the whole family.


Whether in the frunk or in the boot

All Tesla models shown in the video have enough storage space to transport our Moovi Mini, of course. But only the pre-facelift Model S and the Model X have a frunk that offers enough space for a folded Moovi. The two models not only have enough space for a Moovi, but also for accessories such as a fancy helmet, charging cables for Tesla and Moovi or even a small purchase.

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