Alternative to the car: e-scooters?

At the latest since climate change has become increasingly threatening and present, we have been looking for environmentally friendly alternatives to the car. Now, add to this the ever-increasing fuel prices and a renunciation of the car or at least a restriction of its use becomes inevitable for many car drivers.

It has now been proven that e-scooters are an environmentally friendly, fast and flexible method of getting around town. But: Can the e-scooter replace the car? What is the reality for commuters, people in the countryside and people who regularly have to do the bulk shopping for the family or transport heavy luggage? What range does the e-scooter need to be able to replace the car and how much fuel does the e-scooter really save? We clarify all the relevant questions and more on the topic of "e-scooters as an alternative to the car" in Moovi Magazine.

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E-scooters instead of cars - all advantages at a glance

Unlike cars, e-scooters do not need fuel and do not emit any exhaust gases, which is clearly good for the environment and your wallet. But even apart from these economic and ecological advantages, travelling with an e-scooter offers further benefits: In the morning on the way to work, you can avoid traffic jams and traffic lights between urban canyons and take the shortcut through the park, spontaneously stop in front of a small café or at a bench in the sun and arrive relaxed at your destination - without having to look for a parking space. The e-scooter makes it possible and promises lots of riding fun and healthy, fresh air. Short routes through nature without a lot of traffic save time and make getting around much more flexible. After all, who wants to give up their parking space in the city in the evening just to get something from the supermarket? The e-scooter is ready for use at any time, takes up hardly any space and always gets you to your destination quickly and relaxed.

Saving fuel with e-scooters - how much do you really save?

Due to its limited range and speed, the e-scooter is of course primarily suitable for short distances. But even shorter distances consume a lot of fuel and therefore money. Using an example, we have calculated how much it really saves in a year to do without a car and use an e-scooter:

You use your car for the distance from you to the station to take the train to work in the city. This is 5 km each way - i.e. 10 km per day. If we assume 300 working days per year, you already drive 3,000 km per year to the station and back. If the petrol consumption is 7 litres per 100 km and the petrol price is 2.00 EUR/litre, we arrive at total costs of 870 EUR per year for petrol, just the "short distance" to work.

For comparison: An e-scooter consumes about one kilowatt hour of electricity per 100 km. Assuming an electricity price of 30 cents per kilowatt hour, the costs for electricity consumption are only 0.30 euros per 100 km. For the example distance of 3,000 km per year, you pay only 9 euros for electricity instead of 870 euros with your e-scooter.

Expensive fuel prices at the petrol station

Range and speed - this is what the e-scooter should be able to do

To be really competitive with a car in the long term, the e-scooter must have a certain performance in terms of range and speed. E-scooters from the premium range have a range of 25 - 35 kilometres and this is absolutely recommendable if you want to use your e-scooter as an actual replacement for your car. That is why the electric scooters from Moovi also offer a range of 30 kilometres, so that you can cover daily short distances - from home to the supermarket, from the supermarket to the train station, from the train station to the office and back again - without any problems and without charging in between.

In Germany, e-scooters with a maximum speed of 20 km/h are permitted on the roads. And it is precisely this limit that the e-scooters from Moovi make full use of. On average, you are a good 5 km/h faster than on a bicycle and save yourself all the effort. For the aforementioned route to the station, you need just 15 minutes with your e-scooter.

Tips for commuters - e-scooters on the road

The alternative to the car: e-scooters in combination with the public transport systemCurrently, you hear the tip again and again: If you want to save fuel, you should take the train. But people who live in the country face a different problem. Often the nearest railway station with a connection to the local public transport system is several kilometres away, which takes you into the city and then on to the tram and finally to work. Who wants to cover this kilometre-long distance by bike and arrive at the office all sweaty? A car seems to be indispensable.

But: The Moovi e-scooters are ideal for commuters. With a maximum weight of 12.8 kg and the simple folding mechanism, you can easily take the scooter with you on the bus or train after the journey to the station, unfold it again at the station and cover the last mile to your destination quickly and comfortably. Equipped with a carrying bag and a second power supply unit in the practical Moovi commuter set, the e-scooter accompanies you throughout the day without any problems, so that the car is no longer absolutely necessary for the daily route to work, even in the countryside.

Transporting loads without a car - Moovi makes it possible

Moovi Pro Comfort in the supermarketBut how can you do without a car if you want to take a heavy briefcase, a workman's case or a sports bag? Or if you want to make a bulk purchase at the supermarket, which is 3 kilometers away from the front door? Here, too, an e-scooter from Moovi can be an alternative to the car. Equipped with the MoovIt load system, various loads weighing up to 40 kilograms can be transported on the front axle of the electric scooter without the need for steering. At Shopping Set there is the E-scooter with basket at the discounted price.

Conclusion: Can the e-scooter replace the car?

Our conclusion: Anyone who has to cover short distances of between 10 and 20 kilometres every day can definitely replace the car with an e-scooter. With a range of up to 30 km and a speed of 20 km/h, the electric scooter is definitely an alternative to the car that saves fuel and reduces the burden on the environment. Of course, in some cases you will have to use your car for longer journeys, but in most cases you will no longer need it on a daily basis. With a low weight and equipped with a practical folding mechanism, the electric scooter is also suitable for commuters. The load system also replaces the boot and transports loads of up to 40 kilograms - ideal for the way to the station, to work and to the supermarket.

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