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E-scooter ban on buses and trains

More and more German cities are banning their passengers from taking e-scooters on buses and trains. This is due to incidents in London, Madrid and Barcelona in which battery fires have occurred. 

The cities and public transport companies are responding to an expert opinion from STUVA that explains why it is too dangerous to transport e-scooters on buses and trains. 


Is this expert opinion correct?

We think quite clearly: No. Why?
The client for the studies was Hamburger Hochbahn AG (HHA). It commissioned the Studiengesellschaft für Tunnel und Verkehrsanlagen (STUVA) to carry out a fire safety assessment of e-scooters, but not for pedelecs or e-wheelchairs, which use identical Li-ion batteries! The STUVA is also responsible for the fire safety of structures such as underground transportation facilities, but is not an expert on rechargeable batteries and, according to its own statement, has not commissioned any other external experts to do so.

In Germany, 15 cases of burning batteries were known to date. However, not a single incident in local public transport and 13 cases related to pedelecs. The cases in Barcelona, Madrid and London, which were decisive for the entire report, were not taken into account. These e-scooters did not have to undergo the tests required and monitored in Germany for e-scooter approval. 

There has also been no consultation with the Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA) or the TÜV. The TÜV had stated that there was "no major risk" as long as the e-scooters had a general operating permit (ABE), as an e-scooter with such a permit can be driven on public roads. 

Now the VDV comes into play

After the HHA called in the Association of German Transport Companies (VSV), a nationwide recommendation was made to ban the use of e-scooters on public transport. Despite indications of the serious errors and false statements in the study, the VDV insists on its recommendation. 

Florian Walberg from Egret, among others, isleading the protests against this decision and we would like to thank him for his commitment. 

Even if the ADAC supports the ban in principle, the experts there agree that it is "rather unlikely" that an explosive battery fire will occur. So what, ADAC? 

Important combination of means of transport for commuters

From the very beginning, Moovi has focused on micromovement and the combination of different modes of transportation. That is why the lightness and compactness of Moovi e-scooters has always been an important part of the company's policy. Commuters in particular, who do not use a car, can benefit from this. Who has a bus stop on their doorstep?

An e-scooter is ideal for covering the distances between home - bus/train and bus/train - workplace and does not take up as much space on public transport as a bulky bicycle, which in some municipalities and cities are only permitted after a certain time in the morning rush hour.

Survey on Facebook

A survey we conducted in a very large and active Facebook group clearly showed how important it is for e-scooter riders to take their e-scooters on buses and trains. A total of 72% voted from "extremely important" to "practical", while only 20% considered it "unimportant". 

Facebook survey


We are of the opinion that this report and the resulting recommendations for action and bans must be revoked as quickly as possible. It is a slap in the face for the mobility turnaround. 

But what can you do? First of all, anyone who wants to campaign for the repeal should sign the petition below. We are sure that there will be protests this spring.
Follow the usual channels on social media or our accounts at:
Facebook, Instagram or TikTok. There will certainly be reports about upcoming protests. Protests are currently very popular and have already achieved a lot!

Further links and information on the topic

Here is the VDV press release from 29.02.2024

Der Spiegel has also recently addressed the issue. However, it tends to stick to providing information and does not really take a stance, as one might expect from Der Spiegel.


Here is an important petition which needs the support of all those who want/need to continue to take their e-scooter with them on buses and trains and do not want to have their lives made unnecessarily difficult by incompetent decision-makers.

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  1. I am more or less dependent on combining my journeys by train and e-scooter. A ban, which I also think is completely wrong, would be a disaster for me. It would also do great damage to the whole climate movement and environmental awareness. I would have to buy a car again. I have of course signed the petition.

  2. I can't believe it: 'The ADAC generally supports the ban on taking e-scooters on the road'. And about 10 people die in road traffic every day! Shouldn't we be thinking 'in principle' about banning cars and trucks?

  3. When will the first demos take place? Let's take 100 e-scooters through the city centers. It's just so effective.

  4. In the interests of e-mobility and environmental protection, users of e-scooters should be allowed to use public transport.

  5. Der VDV rudert langsam zurück, noch zu wenig, aber sie haben scheinbar gemerkt, dass sie zu weit gegangen sind und es vermehrt Gegenwind gibt! Speziell vom TÜV, die Argumente können sie nicht so einfach ignorieren. Interessant der Vorschlag am Ende des Artikels… Das werde ich demnächst angehen …
    Hier der Link zur VDV Pressemitteilung:

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