E-Scooter Tuning: What is allowed?

E-Scooter Tuning: Dangers, Regulations and Sanctions

Since 2019, e-scooters have been officially approved for road traffic as miniature electric vehicles - but only with a maximum speed of 20 km/h. We have also adhered to this when developing the Moovi e-scooters. This means that our foldable electric scooters can be used in road traffic without any problems and are a great, environmentally friendly and fuel-saving alternative to a car. 20 km/h is too slow for you and you want to tune up your e-scooter? Then be careful. In the magazine, we present you with options for e-scooter tuning, but also explain the dangers, regulations and sanctions - for a safe ride with your e-scooter.

E-scooter tuning - this is what you should consider:

1. e-Scooter tuning: How does it work?
2. regulations and sanctions for e-scooter tuning: what is permitted?
3. dangers of e-scooter tuning - safety first
4. Conclusion: E-scooter tuning - is it worth it?

E-Scooter Tuning: How does it work?

You want to pimp your e-scooter and drive faster than 20 km/h on one? Then you basically have several options for tuning your scooter. For example, you can use special apps, install tuning modules or chips or - if you have technical knowledge - even replace the motor. However, bear in mind that this always involves certain costs and effort. In addition, there are strict legal guidelines that you must adhere to in German road traffic.

Regulations and sanctions for e-scooter tuning: What is allowed?

The basic rule for e-scooter tuning is that not everything that is technically possible is permitted. Simple visual changes, such as repainting the colour or attaching stickers, mobile phone holders etc. are permitted. However, when it comes to lighting devices, brakes or bells that serve road safety, changes are not permitted. It is particularly tricky if you want to customise your e-scooter and make it go faster than the permitted 20 km/h.

In principle, you can tune and throttle your e-scooter using various methods, but then you can only drive it on private property and no longer in road traffic. With the tuning, your e-scooter loses its insurance cover and therefore also its registration for road traffic in Germany.

A loose driving licence: anyone caught tuning an e-scooter even risks losing their driving licence

Penalties: What penalties for e-scooter tuning?

If you have throttled your e-scooter at the permitted speed and are caught using it on public roads, you may be subject to legal sanctions. If the e-scooter travels faster than 20 km/h, the road permit and the compulsory insurance cover automatically lapse. Driving an e-scooter without a road permit is punishable by a fine of 70 euros. Driving an electric scooter without insurance cover is also not only an administrative offence, but a criminal offence. If convicted, this can result in a prison sentence of up to one year, three points in Flensburg and revocation of the driving licence.

The dangers of e-scooter tuning: safety first

Even if you only want to use your tuned e-scooter on private property and are therefore legally on the safe side, you should be aware of the dangers of e-scooter tuning. Depending on the tuning method you choose, your e-scooter can reach a top speed of between 35 and 85 km/h without throttling, making it as fast as a car in city traffic. The braking distance also changes, making it even harder to estimate. Without protection on the scooter outdoors, this can quickly become dangerous and end in serious or even fatal injuries in the event of a fall or crash with a tree.

You also run the risk of destroying the electric scooter and making it unusable through incorrect technical handling. Furthermore, the warranty rights, liability claims and the manufacturer's guarantee expire.

Conclusion: E-scooter tuning - is it worth it?

Tuning your e-scooter takes time, effort and costs. In addition, with a speed higher than 20 km/h, it directly loses its registration for road traffic and is thus only usable on private property, otherwise there is a fine of 70 euros. Driving a tuned scooter without insurance cover in road traffic is a criminal offence that can be punished with imprisonment, points and revocation of the driving licence. But the following also applies to private property where tuned e-scooters are allowed: High speed also increases the risk of accidents and injuries. You lose warranty rights, liability claims and the manufacturer's guarantee. Our clear conclusion: Stay away from e-scooter tuning! If you absolutely want to drive a faster scooter for private use, it is better to go straight for models without road approval and without throttling.

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