Drunk on an e-scooter: What is the blood alcohol limit?

When we have one or two more glasses of beer or wine in the evening, we prefer to leave our car behind. We all know that: That can be expensive and, above all, life-threatening. But how do we get home? The e-scooter seems to be a suitable alternative for many. Get on the scooter, press the accelerator and you can cover several kilometres comfortably and quickly. But can I drive an e-scooter when I'm drunk? We explain what the permissible blood alcohol level is, what the penalties are and what dangers lurk on the e-scooter when you are drunk.

Promille limit for driving an e-scooter

Although no driving licence is required to drive an e-scooter and driving is permitted from the age of 14, the same blood alcohol limits apply as for other motor vehicles. It is therefore a misconception that an extended blood alcohol limit applies to e-scooters, similar to that for bicycles.

In concrete terms, this means that relative driving incapacity begins at 0.3 per mille. If further alcohol-related signs of impaired driving occur, such as a high willingness to take risks in traffic, driving in a serpentine manner or slurring one's speech, you are considered unfit to drive and will be punished accordingly.

If you have a blood alcohol level of 0.5 per mille on your e-scooter, you are committing an administrative offence.

If you have a blood alcohol level of 1.1, you are considered absolutely unfit to drive. You do not have to show any other signs of impaired driving to be considered unfit to drive.

Please note: During the probationary period after acquiring the driving licence, a blood alcohol limit of 0.0 also applies, just like when driving a car!

What is the penalty for driving under the influence of alcohol?

If you are caught in a police checkpoint with an appropriate blood alcohol level on your e-scooter, you must expect a fine of between 500 and 1,500 euros according to the fine catalogue. If you violate the 0% rule for novice drivers, you will have to extend your probationary period by 2 years and pay an additional 250 euros.

Depending on the severity of the offence, the danger to road traffic, previous convictions and the measured blood alcohol level, 1 - 3 points in Flensburg, the revocation of the driving licence, fines according to daily rates or a prison sentence of up to 1 year can be imposed.

Kermit the Frog has drunk too much

Possible sanctions at a glance:

>0.0 ‰ for novice drivers:
- 2-year probationary period extension
- At least 250 euros fine
- 1 point in Flensburg
- Possibly compulsory participation in a remedial course.

0.3 ‰ in the case of endangering road traffic:
- 3 points in Flensburg
- Withdrawal of driving experience
- If necessary, ordering an MPU
- Fine or custodial sentence

0,5 ‰:
- 500 - 1.500 Euro fine
- 2 points in Flensburg
- 1 - 3 months driving ban

1.1 ‰:
- driving disqualification
- variable fine by daily rates or imprisonment

Dangers in road traffic - better to drive sober

The possible penalties still don't stop you from driving your e-scooter even when drunk? Please also consider your safety and that of other road users. Our Moovi e-scooters are approved for road use at a maximum speed of 20 km/h. If you are unable to drive safely and with concentration, you may be fined. If you are not able to drive safely and with concentration, there is a risk of accidents with other road users, which could end in life-threatening situations, especially for you as an unprotected scooter rider.

To ensure a safe journey, we recommend that you only use the e-scooter when you are sober and that you use taxis and the like if you are drunk. The good thing about the Moovi is that when folded up, you can easily and spontaneously fit the scooter into any car boot or tram.

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