The basket for e-scooters from Moovi in practical use

Basket for e-scooter

More practical than you think: A basket for the e-scooter!

A shopping basket on the e-scooter is not only practical, but also much safer than you think. Attaching a shopping bag to the handlebars carries a high risk of accident. After a bend, the bag still swivels and can thus still influence the handlebars. Not so with the patented Moovit system from Moovi. Here, the basket or the carrier is detached from the steering and extremely stable and safe to ride due to its low center of gravity.

Here are a few examples of shopping baskets in use:

In set with shopping basket cheaper:

In our shopping savings set, we have the Moovi Pro Comfort e-scooter, the universal holder and the shopping basket for a top price (without insurance) of 999€ on offer. The articles are also available individually and so each Moovi can also be retrofitted later. However, the basket and the universal holder only fit our Moovi e-scooters and not the products of our competitors!

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