What should I look out for in e-scooter batteries?

What should I look out for in e-scooter batteries?

At Moovi, we have decided to use particularly energy-efficient 150 Watt (Moovi Mini) or 300 Watt (Moovi Pro) motors. In combination with our lithium-ion batteries, these are simply a super efficient and at the same time environmentally friendly combination. In this blog post, we want to tell you everything about e-scooter batteries.

What types of batteries are used in e-scooters?

At Moovi, we use lithium-ion batteries because they have a particularly good power-to-weight ratio. Most other manufacturers are also using this type of battery at the moment. The energy density of these batteries is significantly higher than that of other batteries.

However, there are also lead-gel batteries and lithium-polymer batteries. However, these types are less common at the moment because they are more expensive and/or heavier than lithium-ion batteries.

What do I have to consider when charging my e-scooter battery?

At some point, the time will come when your battery is no longer fully charged. Please only use the supplied charging cable to charge your Moovis! Ideally, you should charge your e-scooter not only when the battery charge has dropped to 0%, but already when there is a residual charge of approx. 15%. In addition to a deep discharge, you should also avoid charging your e-scooter to 100%. To ensure that the battery has the longest possible service life, the following should apply:

  • Charging at 15-20
  • Stop charging at 80-90%.

The service life of our rechargeable batteries is approx. 5 years. This corresponds to approximately 1,000 charging cycles. A charging cycle is defined as charging from 0% to 100%. BUT: Even if the battery is charged five times by 20% each, this counts as one charging cycle. The same applies to ten times by 10% and two times by 50%.

The temperature during charging should be between 5°C and 30°C. This of course refers to the room temperature in the room where charging is taking place.

By using modern lithium-ion batteries, there is no risk of our batteries falling victim to the memory effect.

If you have lost your charging cable or it is broken, you can order a new one here. It is important to use only an original charging cable to avoid damaging your battery.

What if I don't use my Moovi for a longer period of time?

If this happens, we recommend that you plug your Moovi into the mains about every 2/3 months. Because the battery can discharge even if it is not used. To prevent deep discharge, charge the battery every now and then ;).

The optimum temperature for "storing" your Moovi when you are not using it for a longer period of time is between 5 and 20°C. Even if it sounds a bit strange at first: regular use of your Moovi will prolong its life. Driving your Moovi regularly not only pleases you, but also your Moovi, much more!

Where is the battery installed in my Moovi?

On our Moovis, the batteries are permanently installed below the footboard. This ensures a low centre of gravity and a more comfortable and intuitive riding experience. Please do not try to tamper with your Moovi battery yourself. This would invalidate the warranty.

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Can I change the battery of my e-scooter myself?

With permanently installed batteries, we strongly advise against changing the e-scooter battery yourself!

If you have problems with your Moovi battery, please contact our support and we will find a solution together. Removing the battery on your own will invalidate the warranty. And you really can't want that.

What is the range of an e-scooter?

The range of your e-scooter can, theoretically, be different every day. The range depends on the following factors:

  • Outdoor temperature
  • Rider weight
  • driven speed
  • Road surface
  • Driving

So the range is a very complex issue. The range given by all manufacturers is always experienced under optimal conditions and a rider, with a weight of 60 kg and a constant speed of 12 km/h. The range of the bike is always given by the manufacturer.
Our CMO Janik manages 18 kilometres on his Moovi Mini in Munich city traffic with his 85 kg.

5 tips for you and your e-scooter battery

  1. Never completely discharge the battery!
  2. Only charge the battery to approx. 90%!
  3. Only use the original charging cable supplied!
  4. Charge your Moovi once after 3 months of non-use at the latest.
  5. Never remove the battery yourself!

Explanation of terms

We have thrown around a few terms in this article. So that there is no ambiguity, we have put together some terms for you here.

Memoryeffect: We would like to point out once again that there is no memory effect with our Moovis. The memory effect describes a loss of capacity of the battery if it is not fully charged on a regular basis. This happens especially with nickel-cadmium batteries, which "remember" their energy requirements if they are not charged properly. Fun fact: The memory effect was first discovered by NASA in the 1960s.

Deep discharge: this is the term used to describe the almost complete discharge of a battery. This can lead to lasting damage to the battery and should therefore be avoided at all costs. In the case of lithium-ion batteries, a deep discharge can lead to a loss of capacity, in the worst case copper bridges form within the battery and the battery can pose an increased fire hazard!

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